Mardi, septembre 30, 2014

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"Etrange étranger" : trailer for my next film on Youtube now.

Samedi, septembre 27, 2014
#MBA #dijon

#MBA #dijon

Beaux-Arts de Dijon. #art #dijon

Beaux-Arts de Dijon. #art #dijon


"I started directing because I wanted to act. Nobody was employing me, so I became my own employer. At the age of 14, people stopped calling and there were no auditions — nothing. I missed acting. When I wrote I Killed My Mother, it was obvious to me that no one else could play this role. And I’m not questioning people’s talent; I’m just thinking no one else can play this role since it’s my life. I thought, if this is given to some director, he’ll want to employ some irritating cutie, and I’ll be evacuated from the role."

Xavier Dolan [x]

"Etrange étranger".

Etrange Etranger Trailer #1 from Thomas Simonin on Vimeo.

Synopsis :
Après la disparition mystérieuse d’une proche, un jeune homme se voit obligé de faire un discours durant un événement en l’honneur de son amie. Mais alors qu’il cherche les bons mots, il se retrouve petit à petit pris dans la spirale de l’attente, celle de retrouver celle qui est partie, et du deuil, celui qu’il doit faire pour son amie et pour lui même.

Vendredi, septembre 26, 2014

First trailer of my next film coming soon.

Dimanche, septembre 14, 2014

God Help the Girl (2014)

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Vendredi, septembre 12, 2014

Shame, 2011
dir. Steve McQueen

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Arctic Monkeys music videos + sheet music, inspired by [x]

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Mercredi, septembre 10, 2014

mmmm yes


mmmm yes

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Lundi, septembre 8, 2014
i wanna believe it’s still possible to get close to someone , but it’s easier not to , it’s easier because i’m a coward , and i couldn’t take the pain , not again. Nora Durst “The Leftovers”  (via didodada94)